Moteurs Baudouin was founded in 1918

But our story starts in 1902, when this time Charles Baudouin owned a metal foundry located in Marseille. In such maritime place Charles quickly decided to develop small 5 hp petrol engine with common casting gearbox for leisure boats.
The technology was very simple, most of the components did benefit from the creator caster expertise (Bronze conrod without bearings). The oil lubrication was common to the engine and gearbox.

1921: the Company jumps to the industrial era

Moteurs Baudouin designed its first 7 hp petrol engine with its integrated gearbox common oil bath lubricated. Early 1922, a complete petrol engines program was launched and included the Y, O, Z, T to cover 3 to 60 hp output range.

1929 was a key year for Moteurs Baudouin. Thanks' to the Company growth and despite the first world economic crisis, the first diesel engine DAwas unveiled. It's an immediat success. During this blooming period the Company produced 12.700 marine engines and became one of the top three marine engines manufacturers.

The 1930's: The constant growth

To better respond to the naval industry strong growth, Moteurs Baudouin unveiled a new engines range and innovated with the series concept. The new diesel engines series DB included 2, 3, 4 and 6 cylinders versions from 25 to 90 hp. Two major technological innovations came with the release:

  • Individual cylinder heads for a simplified spare parts stock management and easier users maintenance.
  • Increased rotation speed to 750 rpm whilst current limits were still around 400 rpm.

Moteurs Baudouin consolidated its reliability reputation at the single handed transatlantic cross occasion performed by the Painter Marin Marie. The artist succeeded on board the M⁄V Arielle powered by one 60 hp DB4. After that epic transatlantic cross 18.200 DB engines were manufactured.

The 1940’s: The marine and stationary power solution

The 1940’s have consistently reinforced Moteurs Baudouin marine market positioning. Moteurs Baudouin started producing propulsion packages including diesel engines, gearboxes and propellers, supplemented with marine diesel generators. The diversification in stationary applications strengthened the Company already significant booming in its traditional marine market. A new diesel engines range supported the strategy, the DK series in 2, 3, 4 and 6 cylinders in line was launched. With 140 mm bore, the DK series covered 40 to 150 hp range. 22.210 solutions on DK engines base were manufactured. Several hundreds are still in operation nowadays.

The 1950’s: The power and the service

1957 was a new milestone in Moteurs Baudouin history: The V engine introduction. The DV series were released in 4, 6, 8 and 12 V configurations. The covered power range was increase between 200 and 900 hp. In line with the strategy the propulsion package was extended with controllable pitch propellers.

In the mean time, the service at Customer door took a strategic importance. In a consistent innovation culture a mobile training centre was opened to Moteurs Baudouin users. 1.063 DV solutions were introduced in the Company higher power targeted markets.

The 1960’s: The contemporary era and the international expansion

Moteurs Baudouin has always kept the innovation sense throughout decades.

In 1963, its contemporary era widely opened with the new DP series prefiguring the current products range. Offered in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in line and 8, 12 V natural aspiration or turbocharged, the DP could reach up to 800 hp at 1800 rpm. With a 150*150mm bore*stroke, the series were constantly upgraded until the ultimate version: The P15.2. Thanks’ to its latest technical feature and it’s compactness, the DP series has given the Company access to the Worldwide marine market. 11.450 DP packages representing around 5.4 million hp were installed worldwide. Most of them are still running to our Customer satisfaction.

The 1970: The « fast » diversification

In 1970, Moteurs Baudouin released the DF engine specially dedicated to fast boats applications. The series included compact and light V4, 6 and 12 cylinders at 3000 rpm. In 1978, the F11 V6 and V12 complemented the high performance products portfolio in the range 100 - 600 hp. 3.116 DF and F11 were sold. 20% of the production was addressed to the Navies and Government segment.

The 1980’s: The very high performance « on top »

In 1983, a special F11 version was designed to meet military heavy vehicles needs. Since then, the 6F11 SRX developing 300 hp powers the battle tank AMX10. 1985: A new Company challenge was taken up, the high power⁄weight ratio was solution new market introduction. This led to the V6 and V12 F120 high performance series. But with its creative culture, Moteurs Baudouin did not take long to approach the yet unexplored pleasure market.

In 1987, a special pleasure commercial range derivated from the F120 was designed: The premium VTI covering 300 to 1400 hp output range. The “extreme” performance was achieved with respect to the Moteurs Baudouin products reliability values. This is how in 1989 and for its first participation to the F1 European Offshore Championship the catamaran « Castello Gancia » powered by 2*1100 hp V12 BTI won in the diesel propulsion class and reached the 6th overall place.

The 1990: The « Export » goal

In 1991, the export sales increase has become the has become the Company strategic priority. Therefore the M26 is launched in 6 in line - 8 and 12 Vé versions. Designed for the continuous power the M26 is offered from 225 to 900 hp (165 to 661 kW) at 1800 rpm.

The M26 positioning resumes the Moteurs Baudouin Know-How: Quality and durability together with a simple design. Meanwhile, the complete solution is strengthened, new gearboxes are included in the portfolio: The IR4N and IR2S (RH2S non reversible for CPP). The M26 marine propulsion range is also consolidated with on board generator up to 900 kVA and auxiliary drives.

The M26 equip today vessels worldwide and are still in production. 70% of Moteurs Baudouin sales will be addressed to the export market, giving to the Company the international marine power expert Customers recognition in the marine sector .


2009: Moteurs Baudouin is a Weichai Group, 3rd worldwide diesel engines provider for the industry, heavy vehicles and marine sectors. The Group’s R&D European Centre is simultaneously created at Moteurs Baudouin H.Q. The new Company dimension is immediately exploited with brand new range developed to supplement the historical portfolio in a 102 - 450 hp (75 - 331 kW) range.

Few months later, the M26 evolution is finalized. Branded M26.2 the series meet the latest environment marine and inland shipping regulations together with increased performances. Our story is from now our future to write guided by our founding tradition spirit…


Due to perfect performance of Moteurs Baudouin’s Research and Development Department, today we can offer a new engine serie called the M26.3, based on the M26 serie but with common rail injection system. Engines in 6 in line and 12V have been provided propulsion solutions up to 1650 hp.

By further ongoing research, Moteurs Baudouin has reach one more cap of engiene series by introducing the M33 in 2016. The 6 inline and 12V engine have power outreach up to 1.500HP with a mechanical injection and reaching the highest environmental requests.