IR4 gearbox

IR4 gearbox

  • From 275 Hp up to 668 Hp
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Complete control of the propulsion chain

As a marine specialist, we design the entire propulsion system. Gearboxes, drive shafts, propellers and nozzles are studied to suit your project. Our control of the entire chain helps us to find the best solution for providing you with flawless reliability and optimum efficiency.

Our range

  • Marine gearboxes from 200 to 932 kW
  • Propeller shafts dia. 60 to 170 mm
  • Stern tubes
  • Fix and controllable pitch propellers dia. 550 to 2520mm
  • Fix propeller nozzles

Main options

  • Single or double PTO (live or clutcheable)
  • Trolling valves
  • Electrical clutch control
  • Propeller shaft brakes

Contact us for detailed options suitable to your propulsion system